We are dedicated to providing quality casino gaming-related courses taught by experienced instructors.  Many of our classes are taught through local continuing education programs.

Our goals when designing our gaming related courses are as follows;

  • Setting realistic expectations.
  • Fully explaining the game.
  • Building student confidence.
  • Having fun.


Setting realistic expectations – At the start of all of our table game courses we discuss the concept of house advantage and make very clear that in the long run the house always wins. We do not believe in making false “play it our way and you will become rich” promises. We see gaming as a form of entertainment, not as a road to riches. When explaining a game, we cover the different types of betting available and discuss the house advantage associated with each bet. We teach the students the optimal playing methods to take advantage of the “good” bets and to minimize the house advantage.

Fully explaining the game – When explaining a game, we break it down into small easy-to-learn concepts that will build on each other. After explaining a new concept, we typically do some hands-on play to reinforce that concept. We find that this approach of teaching a game in stages, supplemented by actual play, really helps our students learn and remember the games. We also provide a handout package that has sheets covering the high points of our major topics as well as a list of additional resources that students can use to further their education outside of class.

Building student confidence – A big part of all of our courses is hands-on play. Students get a chance to play at a slow, comfortable pace and build their skills. During hands-on play our instructors typically act as dealers and take the time to fully explain everything that is going on. The instructor will take the time to fully answer any questions the students may have while playing and will provide playing tips and feedback.

Having Fun – Our instructors are also players. They enjoy casino gaming and love to talk about it. They always share personal stories about some of their more memorable gaming experiences.